Yu Foundation

Guangdong Yu Foundation, established on August 6, 2012(registration number: Guangdong-based Certificate No. 0269), is a grant-making foundation focusing on participation of the youth in public welfare activities. Our motto states that, “The more to do for others, the more we gain; the more we give to others, the more we have. ” We support public welfare undertakings operated by a youth team, with the age of all the team members under 28,or projects that promote such undertakings. Through this way, we strive to put the youth front and center in public welfare activities, encouraging them to not only ponder reform of, but also take action in these efforts. We also aim to instill ideas of public welfare in youth that last their lifetime.

Our Motto

The more we do for others, the more we gain; the more we give to others, the more we have.

Our Mission

To put the youth front and center in public welfare activities,encouraging them to not only ponder reform of, but also take action in these efforts; to instill ideas of public welfare in youth that last their life time.

Our Vision

To support sustainable and innovative public welfare activities; to promote and incubate welfare ideas of a young generation.

1. Partners & Projects Selection Criteria

1. We actively look for strategicpartners who share our values. Together, with innovative projects and plans, weshall explore efficient models of youth welfare activities, thus achieve ourmission and vision.

2. We consider an organization ourpartner when it is funded by us, cooperates with us, or takes part in ouractivities. The organizations include NGOs, other foundations, researchinstitutions, media, corporations and etc.

3. Principles in choosing a partner

A. share our values and accept our models; operate on aprinciple of good faith; open and transparent;

B. have a professional operation team; possesses advantages in aspecific project area;

C. have financial management capacity and an accountabilitysystem.

4. Principles in selecting a project:

A. share the values and scope of us, and enjoys priority of ourgrant;

B. relevant to our current projects, and the projects may workcollaboratively to achieve our mission;

C. resources in place; and organizational finance in compliancewith laws and regulations;

D. have clear and quantifiable evaluation indexes, and positiveinfluence on the target population.

F. Innovative, duplicable and sustainable.

2.Scope of Grant

1. Our grant focuses on two areas:

A. A social welfare undertaking operated by a youth team

Age requirement: core members of the project should be collegestudents or young entrepreneurs; In general, the average age of the operatingteam should be under 28.

The on-going period of the project before application should be morethan 3 months.

B. A project that engages young people into social welfareactivities

Types of projects: trainingprojects designed to raise awareness and develop skills of the youth innonprofit sector, including salons, lectures, forums, workshops and etc.; researchprojects aimed at the status quo or trends of welfare development among theyouth.

2. Projects not considered by ourgrant:

Political and religious activities, poverty relief, and individualassistance.

3. Priority of our grant

Guangdong-based projects, and innovative national projects.

4. Our three definitions on“Innovativeness”:

A. The operating model of the project has a certain degree oforiginality. It does not need to be a total original creation. We also considersuccessfully localizing foreign models a kind of innovativeness.

B. focus on segmented areas that are previously ignored.

C. revitalize traditional areasby introducing new technologies and skills.

3. Additional Notes

1. In case applicant organizationsbecome dependent on our grants, we limit our funding period to three years. Exceptionswill only be considered when the project design, implementation and outputs hasbeen improved greatly.

2. We encourage our partners toshare project costs and seek alternative funding options to avoid becoming toodependent on certain donors.

4. Application Process

1. Submit the Letter of Intent

For applicants that meet our scope and requirements of grant,please download the Letter of Intent on our official website, and fill out thefollowing information: project introduction, organizational information, referenceletters and budget.

2. Project Assessment & Approval

The project official will conduct a preliminary survey and fillout the Project Assessment Form. The secretary-general will review the report,and make the final decision of the project. Feedback will be given within amonth.

3. Submit the Project ApplicationForm

If the project is approved, the applicant will be asked tosubmit the Project Application Form and fill out the following information: implementationplans, expected results and resource framework.

4. Grant Assessment & Approval

The secretariat will then conduct an in-depth survey.

For projects applied for RMB 500,000 or less funding, theProject Assessment Committee (the chairman of the board, the secretary-general,and one or two outside experts) will fill out the Grant Assessment Form and makethe funding decision.

For projects applied for funds more than RMB 500,000, a boardmeeting will be called. The board will fill out the Grant Assessment Form and makethe funding decision.

5. Sign the Grant Agreement

After the grant approval, the applicant and the foundation willsign the Grant Agreement.

Contact Us

Address:Room901,Ploy-plaza Clover Building, No. 9, Huaqiang Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China

Postcode: 510627

Telephone: 86-20-38692432

E-mail: info@yufoundation.org.cn